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Investment Philosophy

The Frontier Investment Group is comprised of Erin Sutton, Madison Wootton, Ashli Minor, and Kathleen Duffy. They are interested in establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships. They listen carefully to their clients’ unique situations to determine an investment strategy appropriate to each client’s risk tolerance and goals.

Typically, they recommend a balanced, diversified approach to investing using professional money managers, mutual funds, discretionary portfolios, and individual stocks and bonds as appropriate for each situation. Their process seeks to take some of the emotions out of their clients’ decision making process helping them to buy low and sell high.

Specialty/Area of Expertise

The Frontier Investment Group specializes in the selection of managed account strategies, mutual funds and individual stocks & bonds as appropriate for each account scenario. Their focus is on serving the complex investment needs to a select group of high net-worth families, business owners, and non-profit foundations.

Client Service Associates

Ashli Minor and Kathleen Duffy are the client service associates for The Frontier Investment Group.

Ashli started with the team in April of 2017 and Kathleen joined in February of 2018. They both provide excellent service for the team’s clients.

The Frontier Investment Group

Richmond, VA

901 East Byrd Street Suite 500
Richmond, VA 23219
P: (804) 643-1811

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